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András Cséfalvay

Brief info

András Cséfalvay, after a brief time of studying mathematics, wrote his doctorate thesis on the relationship of fiction and material reality. He works with a wide array of media, usually with the aim of bending reality to unexpected angles, whilst something new can be discovered. An alternative storytelling that represents all kinds of minorities – animal, cultural, human, things or silence. His earlier practice fused interests in historical narratives, in musical and textual composition and their use as a contemporary art medium. What began as research of the metaphoric in the sense of merging and layering story fragments, text and music, he came to call operas, given the resemblance in structure. His videos are usually based on a historic text and are accompanied with composed music. The scores would allow live performance even or staging as a theater piece. He commands himself in the role of the designer, the composer, the playwright, the director and the actor. Select group exhibitions include: Universal Hospitality, Alte-Post, Vienna, 2016; Imagined Communities, Personal Imagination, Budapest Gallery, 2015; Noone Counts the Miracles of Non-belief, Roznavska Galeria, Roznava, 2015; Past-Present-Past, Karlin Studios, Praha, 2014; Private Nationalism, Ostrale, Dresden, 2014; Discovery of Slowness II, Tranzit, Bratislava, 2012; Second-hand, IMO Projects Gallery, Copenhagen, 2010; Atlantis, Hidden stories - new identities, Open Gallery, Bratislava, 2009. A selection of solo exhibitions: New Horizons, Kabinet T, Zlin, 2016; Light of the World, Berlinskej Model, Praha, 2016; Council of Eternally Existing, Athome Gallery, Samorin, 2014; On the Stage, The Gallery Apart, Roma, 2014; Astronomi, SODA Gallery, Bratislava, 2011; Answered Prayers, Galeria Medium, Bratislava, 2010.

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360 Court Street, Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231