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Bojan Stojčić

Brief info

Bojan Stojčić is the winner of the 2023 ZVONO Art Award for Young Visual Artist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bojan Stojčić (1988) is a Bosnian visual artist. Most recently, he won the ZVONO Award for best young artist in BiH (2023), the WHW Academy scholarships for an emerging artist (2022), as well as the Revizor scholarship for engagement and achievement in science and art (2022). With his multimedia works, Stojčić addresses the auto-colonial discourse and affect in the meta-Yugoslav space, questioning the collective and individual view of the peripheral Other and self. The experience of war during his earliest childhood strongly informs Stojčić’s artistic expression. Shaped by intense experiences of loss, absence, displacement and transition, both in public and in his private life, Stojčić positioned himself as a European peripheral entity, winning this position and subverting it. Expressing himself through humor, poetics and geopolitics, Stojčić explores the traces and transformations of the present.He lives in between Sarajevo and Berlin.

Most recently, Bojan has exhibited at nGbK (Berlin), Graphic Triennall (Tallinn), Cité internationale des arts (Paris), and Slavs & Tatars’ Pickle Bar (Berlin). Recent solo exhibitions include: Hope we get bigger at Remont Gallery, Belgrade (2023), 402 kilometers: Objects in the Mirror at Garaža Kamba, Zagreb (2023), There is Nothing Wrong with You, But it is Fatal at Oloman Next Door Gallery, Detroit (2022); BUJRUM, BUJRUM, BUJRUM, BUJRUM! at AK Gallery, Koprivnica (2022); and Viva la Transicion at National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo (2020).

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