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Jakup Ferri

Brief info

Jakup Ferri's early works were influenced by the isolation and invisibility of his hometown, Prishtina, from the western (art) world. The resulting video works were created with a certain spontaneity and desire to experiment. His current practice is focused on works on paper and wall paintings. They often show circumstances in which people are alienated from their surroundings. Questions involving identity and the status of the outsider have become an important role in his oeuvre. Ordinary practices from everyday life, critique of the cynicism of the art world and memories from my personal background are recurring subjects. Recent work has been influenced by extensive research about outsider artists, folk art, naive oriented painters and their engagement with different handmade materials such as blankets, carpets, glasses etc. Recent exhibitions include: Hannah Ryggen Triennial, Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, 2016; The Whale That Was a Submarine, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2016; His master’s voice, La Panacée, Montpellier, 2015; Genius without Talent, de Appel, Amsterdam; Niet Normaal, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2009; U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 2009; Istanbul, International Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, 2005.

Cultural exchange programs between the US and Central and Eastern Europe since 1990


Residency Unlimited Inc.
360 Court Street, Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231