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Jana Kapelová

Brief info

Jana Kapelová works with elements of cultural activism, stylisation into roles and models of participation. The procedures and themes of her work can be defined as “fluid artistic practice”. She pours herself from one theme to another in response to the current conditions in which she finds herself. This does not so much mean psychological introspection as the de/construction of the “social body” of the individual. She observes the roles that we play within society and the models that consciously or unconsciously influence and form our personal lives. In many respects in her search for freedom, Jana Kapelová is motivated to improve not only the conditions of her own life but the culture industry as a whole. Kapelová’s work could perhaps be categorized as involving a type of art-based research. It uses dialogue, different types of analysis and the reconstruction of social situations. The role of the artist as a watchful observer of situations, intolerant of stereotypes, is important. At the same time, one of the prized assets of this type of art is the ability to communicate not only within an art scene but outside of it too. Solo exhibitions: The situation is changing without happened, OFF Format, Brno, CZ, 2016; Suspicious free time, Open Gallery, Bratislava, SK, 2013; Kunsthalle - A Global Report on the State of the Institution, House of Art, Bratislava, SK, 2012; Free Working Time, Gallery of the Good Shepherd, Brno, CZ, 2012. Group exhibitions: CZECHOSLOVAKIA / A Critical Reader, Gandy gallery, Bratislava, SK, 2017; Once More, with Feeling, EFA Project Space, New York, 2016; REVERSED, Muzej savremene umentosti, Novi Sad, SRB, 2015; Families Of Objects, Abrons Art Center, New York, 2015; 2 Festival of Minimal Action, Paris, FR, 2015; The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people, Studió Galéria, Budapest, HU; Beyond the red lines, Studio / FKSE, Budapest, HU, 2015; Who on my Place, Plato, Ostrava, CZ, 2014; The Need for Practice,, Bratislava, SK, 2014.

Cultural exchange programs between the US and Central and Eastern Europe since 1990


Residency Unlimited Inc.
360 Court Street, Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231