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Katarína Hrušková

Katarína Hrušková is one of four recipients of the 2017 Oskár Čepan Award. Solo shows include: 2015, Hrana je hladina (The edge is a surface), with Lucia Scerankova, Galerie Off/format, Brno, Czech Republic; 2014, Situace 53, a performance, Galerie Pavilon, Prague, Czech Republic; 2013, Bread crumbs in bed, Galeria Hit, Bratislava, Slovakia; 2012, Kalene Sklo, with Lucia Scerankova, Galeria + – 0.0, Zilina, Slovakia; I carry a tiny knife, Weekender (project space), Amsterdam, Netherlands. Recent group shows include; sign just under the skin, House of Egorn, Berlin (2018); Od Knihy Ku Knihe, Galerie TIC, Brno, Czech Republic (2017); SELBST, Institut für Bienezucht, London, UK (2017); Ichor, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, UK (2016); ‘Export’, Galeria Krokus, Bratislava, Slovakia, (2015), Katarina Hruskova was a resident artist at Residenza Petrolio, Puglia, Italy in 2015; Brooklyn Langer Residency, NY, USA (2014); Banska St a nica Residency, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia (2011). Publications include: From 0 To O, 2016, with Peter Puklus, 2016, published by Banska St a nica Contemporary (edition of 400); Real Fire on a Fake Hotel, 2014, published by Banska St a nica Contemporary (edition of 35).

Education: Royal College of Art, London, 2014 (MA) Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2010 (BFA)

Bio / Statement:

I knead elements of comfort into unions of unease. I point out the potency of objects and matter that slip under our radar by way of constant presence and proximity. Spaces we casually inhabit, substances we handle, breathe and allow into our stomachs daily and yet, veiled by familiarity, they elude our awareness. I talk of the latently abject, of omitted properties and textures, histories taken for granted. I create places of safety to nudge at their borders. I evaluate and navigate the above, because it defines my reality. My work occupies a comfort zone with a fragile ground where stillness provokes action. I seek to reveal vulnerabilities; instigate moments of recognition and revelation.

Medium-wise my practice runs in two parallel strands, which inform one another. One of them looks at ways in which written and spoken language can behave as visual art. The other explores performative aspects of photography.

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