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Katarina Petrovic

Brief info

Katarina Petrović is an artist and researcher working at the intersections of art, science and humanities. Her work focuses on cosmogony, the process of creation and the notion of (infinite) generativeness, using media such as text, language, sound, and code.

Tracing the concept of creation as the problem of ultimate origin (the birth of cosmos or the emergence of something out of nothing), her work explores the mysterious moment of appearance - the moment of noise becoming a signal, a random disturbance becoming meaningful information and words becoming flesh. Computation found in language, the magic technology of an executable code and the act of deep listening - all fundamentals to her artistic practice - aim to open up the space for imaginative to become real and for the real to become imaginative again.

Katarina is a co-initiator of the ArtScience Forum platform and a podcast and art/media project Femkanje. She is also a member of Trixie The Hague collective, Stroom Den Haag and ULUS. From 2014 till 2016 she was a member of the RecPlay ensemble for electro-mechanical improv music in The Hague.

Cultural exchange programs between the US and Central and Eastern Europe since 1990


Residency Unlimited Inc.
360 Court Street, Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231