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Lana Stojićević

Brief info

Lana Stojićević is the winner of the 2021 Radoslav Putar Award.

Lana Stojićević has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Croatian and abroad, including the 2021 Ostrale Biennale in Dresden, the New East Photo Prize in London and the OFF Biennale in Budapest. She has won numerous professional awards, including the Radoslav Putar Award (Institute of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2021), the third Ivan Kožarić Award (Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2021), the Metro Imaging Award at the New East Photo Prize exhibition (Calvert 22 Foundation, London, 2016), and the Annual Award for Young Artists (Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, 2015). She works as an assistant professor at the Department of Art Education and Fine Arts of the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia.

Curator Jasmina Šarić describes Lana's work in the following way:
Stojićević sets the scene like a true metteur-en-scène: she creates a set by finding and upgrading the environment, makes costumes and models, arranges compositions. The creation of each of these works is preceded by detailed artistic research, an important element that is constant in her artistic practice. The originality of the visualisation, the coherent combination of the documentary and the fictional (sometimes with a dose of humour, but always with a subtle activist impulse, the fragmentation of the narrative and meticulousness of the performance are characteristics by which she achieves high hypertextuality of her works. We can denote these works as a certain type of staged photography. In order to make them, the artist assumes the roles of a director, set designer, costume designer and performer. These photographs we read the same way as we read the world around us – by linking functions, values and meanings. The environment in which we live is layered in, among other things, geographical, social and historical terms. With a keen eye of the observer, Lana recons these layers and prepares her own imageries. Starting always from local particularities, she selects associative landscapes in which the initial idea is then born and the space of discourse opens.

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