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Lucia Nimcová

Brief info

Lucia Nimcová has a deep appreciation of the slippages between photography as an event and its operation in private and official life—the ways in which moments in both spheres are captured, some emotionally and some seemingly neutrally, by the snapping of a shutter and final selection. She has recently exhibited her works at The 8th Floor, New York; Albumarte, Rome; BOZAR, Brussels; Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok; Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney; Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam; Prague Biennale; Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow; Via Farini, Milan; Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Lucia’s videos were recently shown at Cinema Spoutnik, Geneve; Cinema Nova, Brussels; Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, The Laughing Bell, London; CCA Glasgow and Filmmuseum, Dusseldorf

Cultural exchange programs between the US and Central and Eastern Europe since 1990


Residency Unlimited Inc.
360 Court Street, Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231