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Mihael Klanjčić

Brief info

Mihael Klanjčić is the winner of the 2023 Radoslav Putar award.

Mihael Klanjčić is interested in the relationships between materials themselves, materials and everyday objects, and the possibilities that arise from these relationships. By combining materials, intervening on objects, and collaging them, he creates abstract situations at first glance. In the end, he is interested in the possible presence of a certain event or space in the form itself.

Klanjčić’s work has been exhibited at several individual and group exhibitions. Selected solo exhibitions include: Spaces at Matice Hrvatske Gallery, Zagreb (2023); Objects at Salon Galić, Split (2022); Interspaces at Žitnjak Ateliers, Zagreb (2021). Selected group shows include: 57th Zagreb Salon of Visual Arts at Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb (2022); 35th & 36th Youth Salon at Meštrović Pavillion, Zagreb (2020, 2022); Art is Doubt at Lexart Skladište, Zagreb (2020).

Ana Likar’s practice ties together the topics of labor, ecology and the question of powerlessness with attempts to undermine the instrumentalization of nature for obscuring oppression and power relations. Formally revolving around systems of organizing and categorizing, her work points to the pressing tensions against those very structures by creating (or finding) cracks from within. She employs rigid constructions in order to indicate their shortcomings and oppressions—and positions the fragile, invisible, and fragmented in the center instead. Following this lead, her works are often also produced in fragmentary ways, finding reconfigurations and new relations over and over again, only rarely resulting in monolithic pieces.

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