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Mladen Miljanović

Brief info

After secondary school, Mladen Miljanović attended the Reserve Officer Military School where he earned the rank of sergeant and trained 30 privates. He enrolled at theAcademy of Arts in Banja Luka upon completion of his military term. His work is based on his life experience: on one hand, it is the experience of growing up during the war and after the war in the destroyed, impoverished, ethnically and territorially divided, and externally isolated country; on the other hand, it is his formal education and training. The consequences of the war and knowledge gained in the military school make the basic field of reference of his work as an artist. Considering entire engagement, strategy, and work methods, it can be concluded that for Miljanović the art is not a goal but the means of confrontation with the negative present/past and the possibility of new reality creation. He identifying his position of an artist as a community servant and his practice as community service. Major solo projects and exhibitions include: In My Parents Bedroom, MoCA RS, Banja Luka, 2017; At the Edge, ACB Gallery, Budapest, 2014; Good Night-State of Body, A+A Gallery, Venice, and MC Gallery, New York, 2012; Museum Service, MUMOK – Wien, 2010; Holiday of Discomfort“, Antje Wachs Gallery Berlin, 2009; Occupational Therapy, MoCA RS, Banja Luka, 2008. In 2012, he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 55th 55th Venice Biennial, Venice with The Garden of Delights.

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